For fittings, screwed assemblies, etc., as well as general technical applications.

Seals, o-rings & sealing washers

We manufacture many different sizes of stamped seals, o-rings and sealing washers using a wide range of materials. Depending on the application, we have seals made of rubber, vulcanised fibre, asbestos-free fibers, polyethylene, silicone, and so much more.

Hose rings and hose washers

We manufacture hose rings and hose washers with an outer diameter of 8 to 50 mm and from 1 mm thick. All qualities and shore hardnesses can be made using rubber: natural rubber, EPDM rubber, perbunan, neoprene, SBR and so much more. In additions, we also have soft PVC rings and washers.

Bevelled washers

Bevelled washers can be manufactured from rubber hoses or plates using EPDM rubber, at different shore hardnesses.