Company information

We have been manufacturing seals and washers since 1930.

Close-knit and competent employees

Our 25 employees work together as a close-knit team, wich fosters a positive atmosphere. Our employees are trained in all steps of the process and can therefore step in wherever they're needed. This ensures that we are extremely flexible when it comes to urgent, complex or highly specific jobs.

Large network of partners

We maintain good ties to our suppliers and partners, which has allowed us to establish a large network over the years. Through loyal cooperation, we can guarantee that our quality will remain consistently high and we can respond to special material requests accordingly.

Tradition since 1949

Lingenberg Dichtungsmanufaktur has been in Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde since 1949. We are a competent and experienced partner in the manufacturing of seals and washers, and have been supplying major companies in the fittings and electrical sector for several years.

Daniel Maiworm

Daniel Maiworm

Executive Director

Daniel Maiworm has been the Executive Director of Ernst Lingenberg GmbH since 2015. His motivating and informal approach has enabled him to transform this traditional operation into one ready to embrace the future.